zaterdag 23 februari 2013

Children of the Khorne part 3: Gatherings

And as I was promised, more flocked to my banner.

We butchered in the name of the Bloodgod all who dared to defy us, taking their skulls and offering their souls to Khorne.

It's been a while since my last post, truth is I couldn't be arsed to put paint on my miniatures but I seem to have found my 'drive' again.
Also december was quiet a busy month work-wise and I wasn't able to paint anyway since the Missus banned my 'little guys' and paints to The Dungheap during the festive days, must be a chick thing.

Next in line are 10 more Khorne berzerkers and a Rhino.
Personally I believe that every aspiring champion 'tunes' his, or her, Rhino to their own taste and this geezer has a thing for skulls, spikes and chains.
This unit has a minor conversion too, I gave the champion 2 close combat weapons and took a suitable head from a Space Wolf sprue.
He's positioned as if he's screaming his rage to the heavens.

A good thing in this period on 'non-brushing' is that I had time to think about my army, initially I wanted it to be a 100% close combat army but this just doesn't work.
A defiler (wich is in it's final stages of painting) was quickly added along with some Terminators and Raptors.
Further planned are an Aegis Defence Line (basecoated) and a small unit of heavyweapons Havocs (ordered).
2 units of Chaos Cultists (cannonfodder), a flyer (being converted) and a unit of Chosen are in the pipeline, not to mention the new Deamons who came out this weekend who will serve as allies.

For the meanwhile I'll concentrate on the Defiler since this will bring my force up to a neat 750 points.

Laters all!!!!

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