woensdag 19 december 2012

Children of the Khorne part 2: Rising trough the ranks

As I continued my pilgrimage in name of the Bloodgod, I encountered on the deamonworld of Khalaxiss a warband of Berzerkers.

Their champion issued a challenge wich I gladly accepted.

Screaming the name of my Lord I attacked him with glorious anger and blisfull hate and as I held his severed head aloft and smeared his blood over my face I knew Khorne had marked my out for greatness...

Finally my Khorne army starts to take shape.
A fair few issues arrose between now and my last 40K post, hence the reason it took me so long to get another thing done.
1/ Them Khorne dudes are SMOTHERED in detail at times, rather time consuming.
2/ It took me a while to find a satisfying way to paint red the easy way, couldn't find it so it was back to basics.
3/ What to take? I had a few testgames and one of my earlier options was dropped (more on that later).
4/ Work!!! I found a job last month and whilst it's very fun and it pays well, it took me a while to settle in.

So now I have 10 neatly painted Khorne Berzerkers with a Champion, thanks to my Chaos Lord having the Mark of Khorne I can take these guys as Troop choices instead of elites.
I know they cost me a fair deal in points but when they get to grips with the enemy they are more than worth it, you just can't argue with 4 strength 5 attacks a piece when they charge....

To increase their survivability and to help them cross the battlefield more swiftly I gave them a Rhino APC.
It's tuned up a bit with nasty spikes, a dangerous looking fender and a dirgecaster wich prevents enemy troops close by to take snapshots at you.
Smokelaunchers and a Stormbolter were mounted too to give me hand in battle.

Next up are 10 more Berzerkers with another Rhino, this vehicle will be more baroque in appearance since I believe that every champion decorates his APC to his, or her, own taste.

March will see the launch of a small 2 month campaign in our gamingclub and I've entered with my 'maniacs'.
This will be split up in 3 parts: one of 750 points, one of 1000 and a 1250 points one.
Originally I wanted 10 Raptors (jump infantery) in the army but I dropped them in favour of a Defiler after I've spend 3 rounds kicking dents in an Ork Deffdread last game.
I REALLY need something that can kill armour but the Raptors will come back for the 1000 point stage of the campaign.

Hope you like these and see you next year, have a merry x-mas and a happy new year everyone!!!

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